Thursday, June 21, 2018
Xchange Engine

XTI has your solution for integrating multi-protocol data services into your healthcare information system. The XTI Xchange engine provides a comprehensive messaging platform that is stable, secure, and scalable.  

A core feature of the Xchange engine is the ability to perform data mapping and conversion, validating message format and content as well as  splitting data feeds to multiple systems.  This feature allows seamless interaction with all external data sources, whether they use HL7, X12, EDI, or XML or something else.

 XTI Xchange Engine features:  
  • Add SSL to inbound and outbound connectors
  • Available VPN service for secure remote access
  • Secure user mailbox access with SFTP
  • Message filtering
  • Dynamic message routing
  • Real time connection monitoring
  • Java client for custom message configuration
  • Drag-and-drop data mapping with built in vocabulary
  • Message management
  • Channel import and export
  • Route to multiple destinations and dynamic message routing
  • Real time connection monitoring
  • Automatically generate ACK responses
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